Living Galápagos Archive

Living Galápagos Archive

For years, UNC has maintained a partnership….


Sharing Paradise

One Man’s Hunt

Hanging on to Boyhood

Farming the Future

Nature’s Keeper

Highland Origins


Changing the Guard

Human Tide

A New Path

A Life in Art

Return to the Wild

Surfing Generations

The Lonesome One

Evolving Faith

Connected to the Sea

A Healing Hand

The Local Way


One Man’s Journey

Part of a Whole

Turning to Tourism

The Girl in Heels

The Captain

On the Path of Light

Face to Face

Blood and Feathers

Forbidden Refuge

Not At Home

Carmen & Pedro: A Love Story


Survival of the Family

Dirty Water

Abandoned by the System

The Queens of Isabela

My Beautiful Land

A Song for Isabela

Catch and Kill and Leave

Farming was Born for Me